​​Services & Online Transactions

I. Consultation Services are offered by the Broker to those individuals seeking guidance on Asset/Property Research, business ideas, general real estate help, special services such as business proposal review, contract review, test prep, and company strategy. 
After making payment, and scheduling your requested appointment time, please call 901.503.1129 x 1 to confirm by speaking with a member of our staff or send a text message to 901.503.1129 to include your name, consultation service requested, and appointment date/time. Please request appointment dates at least one week in advance for face to face consultations, excluding holidays, and Sundays. Phone Consultation Services, Face-Time/Video Chat, and Online Research Services can be scheduled as early as 24 hours in advance, excluding holidays, and weekends. Fees are NON-refundable, and appointments are guaranteed (within 2 hours +/- of the confirmed time).

​Fees:45 Min Phone Consultation      $99.99
2 Hour Consultation                  $199.99
3 Hour Consultation                  $274.99

Copy of Credit Report               $30.00
Online Research for 1-3 Assets/Properties $149.99
Online Research for 4-9 Assets/Properties $249.99
Special Services starting at 3 Hour+ (General Consultation, Test Prep, Business Help, etc.) starting at $299.99+

II. Mortgage Reduction Services are offered by the Broker, and offered to help homeowners live comfortably with affordable payments, to sell your home with little to no out of pocket cost when affected by an upside down mortgage balance, or to avoid foreclosure. Fees are NON-refundable and services offered are guaranteed to help homeowners. ​ DO NOT PLACE ORDER IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY UNDER A PAYMENT PLAN WITH YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY OR AN ACTIVE BANKRUPTCY.


Short Sale $499.99
Loan Modification $949.99
Deed In Lieu $749.99

III.Credit Restoration Programpowered by UCES, with an A+ rating with the BBB, a 99% success rate, and with over 100,000 negative items deleted from credit reports nationwide! 

To get started, the total upfront fees will be $387, which includes a one-time activation fee, and 30 days of service by UCES*, and a one time administration fee by Spruill Global Funding, LLC. There will be a low monthly charge to help maintain your credit, and to dramatically boost your credit score. There is NO CONTRACT or OBLIGATION to keep the service, so you can cancel at any time. However, we do recommend that you stay on the credit restoration program for a minimum of 3-6 months for enhanced results.

After clicking the link to get started, and after making payment of your one-time administration fee, (please scroll to the bottom of the payment page to pay administration fee), you will be re-directed to UCES's enrollment page to begin the credit restoration program after your successful payment.

We have successfully deleted:

•Student Loans
•Medical Bills
•Late / Missed Payments
•Tax Liens
•Public Records
•Charge Offs

Click here to get started! Please scroll to the bottom of the page to make the administration fee payment, and you will be re-directed to UCES's enrollment page. If you are not re-directed to the enrollment page after making the administration fee payment, then please contact us  for the enrollment link or by calling 1.888.854.1222 extension #1.

*UCES/FES is a third party company, and is not affiliated with The Spruill Agency, Spruill Luxury Realty, LLC, Spruill Global Funding, LLC or its' affiliates, and agents. By using UCES/FES's services, you agree to hold The Spruill Agency, Spruill Luxury Realty, LLC, Spruill Global Funding, LLC and its' affiliates, and agents harmless, and you waive all rights to bring suit against The Spruill Agency, Spruill Luxury Realty, LLC, Spruill Global Funding, LLC, or its' affiliates, and agents.